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What we are , and our Goals .

About Green Valley

"Every student, an engaged learner
 Every teacher a caring educator
 Every parent a supportive partner
 Every school a good school, So we are."

Green Valley
is a special place where sense of pride and community is evident, in everything that we do for our students. Our progress is our desire for continuous school improvement to put our students from good to better and better to best.
The dedication, time, energy, prayer, generosity and support with our efforts to partnering with parents regarding education of our children.

Our Mission

"Every child is a gift of God, let them be a gifted one, for all times to come. "

No one is less gifted by the Almighty one, we need to sharpen them and erase their marks of shortcomings in life. Each student in today's world need to have a positive attitude in life whilst keeping in our hearts to "Never Give Up" , "Never Lose Hope". Always have faith and allow yourself to cope up in all phases of life. Have patience for the dreams to come true, gain the strength through education from darkness to light to enlighten each day ahead from the Principal's desk.

Why Choose Us

Destiny belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams and have the courage to pursue it, don't stop when you are tired, stop when you're done.
Our mission is each child's physical, intellectual and social development. Education is a vital role, as a very high proportion of learning takes place in the laps of our budding teachers to nurture our students each day.
We at Green Valley initiate the progress of levels to inculcate values and imbibe good learning aspects in every student's life to excel the future of each one of our students with each upcoming day in the progressing years of the institution.

Meet Our Governing Body

Ritesh Nandi

Chief Managing Director

Paritosh Nandi

Managing Director

Shikha Nandi

Principal , Treasurer

Priyanka Nag Bhattacharya



"A fresh start for a life-building temple and why not put in all efforts for good. Best Of Luck Team !"

"Up's and Down's come and go , but unity let each hurdle pass on ."

"Nice opportunity for all students to learn and gain experience. Teachers are friendly and a good guide for every student there ."